Axis 1 Action 1.1.2

Production efficiency in horns and moulding department


Project description

The project, financed to the value of 12,975 Euro, had as its main objectives the application of Lean manufacturing methodologies aimed at the production efficiency of the K91 horn assembly line, and the activation of continuous improvement processes in order to optimise the production of the moulding and horns departments.

As envisaged in the initial hypothesis, it was divided into the following sites:

Value Stream Mapping of the current process: crossing times were identified and improvement sites prioritised

SMED application: the team analysed the set-up of two presses in the moulding department through video footage and brainstorming sessions for setup time reduction sites.

Construction sites in the presses led to a reduction in setup time from 24% to 32%.

5S application: this site led to the activation of the 5S methodologies by creating working standards in the K91 line and a plan to reduce micro-wounds, which led to the following results

– Recovery of 28 min per day of actual production – Productivity increase of 13.5 % compared to 2021.

Highlighting the good work done, the standard deviation of productivity decreased from 40% in 2021 to 28%, a sign that the improvement activities have been assimilated by the process.

The construction sites for the

  • improvement of the planning process and production scheduling
  • recalculation of logistics and stock parameters to reduce production shortfalls and lead times
  • the revision of standard times. This site not only transferred a methodology for standard time determination, but also laid the foundation for faster and more accurate product cost reporting.



SMED Shipyard Results

Mould change

Reduced setup time

BMW press -> Saving 32%

Results Application of the 5S methodology

Application 5S

5S application results

  • Application of new standards in the horn line
  • Increased ergonomics at workstations
  • Reduction of micro downtimes
  • Productivity increase compared to 2021 of 13.5%